What is Aloha Friday?

If you live in Hawaiii, chances are that you have celebrated ‘Aloha Fridays’ and even wished people a Happy Aloha Friday. But, what exactly are Aloha Fridays?

Thanks to this article by the University of Hawaii, we have been able to find out its true meaning. Allow us to paraphrase and share:

It all goes back to 1946, when the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce started allowing aloha shirts during the summer months. Later, the City and County of Honolulu also adopted the practice.

According to the University of Hawaii,

“In the early ‘60s, designers came up with shirts in dignified, subdued designs and a clothing manufacturers’ group launched a campaign to institute Aloha Friday. The tradition officially began in 1966 when Wilson P. Cannon, Jr., a Maui boy who was president of the Bank of Hawai‘i, started wearing aloha shirts to the office.”

Today, it isn’t uncommon in many workplaces to let their employees dress down on Fridays. This tradition is now very popular, even in the mainland, as Casual Friday.

Nowadays in Hawaii, Aloha Shirts are the go-to attire for any business person. If you ever come to the islands for work, leave the suits and ties at home. You’ll be out of place in a Hawaiian conference room with those. Instead, hit the malls as soon as you get to Hawaii, and buy yourself some Aloha Shirts. Believe us, you will need them…and not only on Fridays.

 Happy Aloha Friday, Pacific Dreamers!

Do you think these little cuties were on a business trip in Hawaii?

Do you think these little cuties were on a business trip in Hawaii?

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