Happy Valentines Day


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” -Helen Keller

As wedding photographers it is our job to capture the beauty we see around us, to try through the visual to hold onto the moments and memories from the biggest things to the littles details. A wedding day is such a magical day to be apart of  two peoples love for each other. We feel so privileged to be apart of so many amazing couples most important day. To get to capture all the creative beautiful details of their wedding. Thanks for letting us be apart of your weddings. Happy Valentines Day from our team.
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Great Photography Spots in Oahu

Aside from giving us a call and securing your sunrise or sunset photo session as soon as possible, here are some things you should know about your visit to the Hawaiian Islands.


Did you know that the most visited island is Oahu? One of the main reasons why this is the most popular island among tourists is because it is the home of the state capital, Honolulu. You have probably also heard of Waikiki Beach, which is also part of Oahu.

When it comes to photography in this area, you must be aware that it could be hard for your Hawaii photographer to avoid the hundreds of tourists that crowd the beaches of Waikiki. Annually, 4.7 million visitors come to the island of Oahu, and that is one of the reasons why it is often referred as “The Gathering Place.”

The great thing about Oahu is that there is truly something for everyone. If you’re traveling with a big group, we guarantee you will find something everyone will love. If you are into history, you will love stopping by Pearl Harbor. If shopping is your thing, no other island provides so many options- from the Outlets of Waikele to the stores of Waikiki. You will also get to experience the amazing scenery, fantastic climate and paradisiacal beaches that are characteristic of Hawaii. While Honolulu and Waikiki tend to be crowded areas, there are many other options around Oahu that may appeal to you if you are looking for a quiet and more relaxed vacation.

Photo Session in Oahu

East of Oahu

In the eastern Coast of Oahu you will find one of the most stunning views in the island. If you are looking for great photography spots, you might want to check out the stunning mountain range and beautiful beaches on the East also known as the Windward Coast.

Look out for Lanikai Beach and the spectacular views on top of the Lanikai Pillboxes hike. Also, don’t miss Kualoa Ranch, a very popular spot for wedding photography. Other spots worth visiting in the East side: Kailua, Kaneohe and Makapu’u.

North of Oahu

The North Shore of Oahu is to surf what Milan in Italy is to fashion. It’s truly one of the surfing capitals of the world!

In the winter months, millions of surfers around the world come to Oahu in search of perfect weather and the biggest waves you’ll see. With a cool small town vibe, miles of beaches, hot foodie spots and great bikini bodies, places in North Shore like Haleiwa Town, Sunset Beach and Waimea Valley might make you rethink your current living situation.

North Shore is also a great place for activities like paddle-boarding and camping. However, if sleeping beneath the stars is not your thing, the North Shore is home to Turtle Bay Resort, one of the hippest luxury hotels in the Island,

West of Oahu

The western part of the island is often referred to as the Leeward Coast. Drier than the rest of Oahu and the home of many Kama’ainas (Hawaiian word for locals), there are scattered beaches worth seeing in this area like Mahaka Beach.

One of the standout areas on the West is Ko Olina. Here you will find luxury hotels and resorts like the JW Marriott Ihilani Ko Olina and the Marriott Beach Club. This area is ideal for a family vacation!

Engagement Session- Oahu, Hawaii

Still unsure about what island to visit when you come to Hawaii?

Oahu might be a great start. From here, you can always catch a plane to the other islands if you’re wanting a more stripped-down and raw experience in the Pacific.

Once you are here, you will understand why many decide to get their Family Portraits, Engagement and Couple Sessions or Wedding Photos with Pacific Dream Photography here in Oahu. You really can’t ask for a better backdrop for your pictures than the amazing Hawaiian backdrops of Oahu!

What is a Babymoon?

In recent years, there has been a notable spike in “Babymoons.” For those of you who haven’t heard of this type of vacation, a ‘babymoon’ is that vacation the parents take to relax and spend time together before the baby comes.

It’s the honeymoon before the baby!

Maternity Photo Shoot Hawaii by Pacific Dream Photography

Who is going on Babymoons? 

It is said to be one of the biggest travel trends of the last decade. Famous new moms like Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian have also taken part in the trend. For new parents, it is their last time to soak in the love as a couple and realize that their lives are about to change forever and become a family.

Of course, there are things to consider when taking a babymoon to ensure the health of the mother and baby:

1. Time: It is said that the best time is when the mother is 14 to 28 weeks pregnant. Of course, every woman is different and we aren’t doctors (we are photographers), so be sure to consult with a health professional.

2. Safety: Again, talk to your OBGYN. Make sure you’re healthy before you embark in your vacation. Also, it’s probably a great idea to be familiar with hospitals in the area.

3. Restrictions: Flights that are too long might be dangerous. Also, some airlines have restrictions. Make sure to check those restrictions before heading to the airport.

4. Destinations: Look for resorts and hotels that cater to you. Some resorts like the St. Regis Princeville in Kauai are offering packages especially for the moms-to-be.

5. Memories: It’s a great time for home videos or even a maternity photo shoot! Here are some Maternity Photo Session ideas.

Maternity Photo Shoot Hawaii by Pacific Dream Photography

 Would you take a “Babymoon”?

What is Aloha Friday?

If you live in Hawaiii, chances are that you have celebrated ‘Aloha Fridays’ and even wished people a Happy Aloha Friday. But, what exactly are Aloha Fridays?

Thanks to this article by the University of Hawaii, we have been able to find out its true meaning. Allow us to paraphrase and share:

It all goes back to 1946, when the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce started allowing aloha shirts during the summer months. Later, the City and County of Honolulu also adopted the practice.

According to the University of Hawaii,

“In the early ‘60s, designers came up with shirts in dignified, subdued designs and a clothing manufacturers’ group launched a campaign to institute Aloha Friday. The tradition officially began in 1966 when Wilson P. Cannon, Jr., a Maui boy who was president of the Bank of Hawai‘i, started wearing aloha shirts to the office.”

Today, it isn’t uncommon in many workplaces to let their employees dress down on Fridays. This tradition is now very popular, even in the mainland, as Casual Friday.

Nowadays in Hawaii, Aloha Shirts are the go-to attire for any business person. If you ever come to the islands for work, leave the suits and ties at home. You’ll be out of place in a Hawaiian conference room with those. Instead, hit the malls as soon as you get to Hawaii, and buy yourself some Aloha Shirts. Believe us, you will need them…and not only on Fridays.

 Happy Aloha Friday, Pacific Dreamers!

Do you think these little cuties were on a business trip in Hawaii?

Do you think these little cuties were on a business trip in Hawaii?

Beach Photos: What To Wear?

You’re traveling to Hawaii with your loved ones. You’ve booked a Beach Photo Session with Pacific Dream Photography. But, wait, what should we wear for the photo shoot?

Don’t panic. Here’s a guide of what will look the best:


Think casual. You’re at the beach. Anything too formal will look out of place. It’s important to pick something you are comfortable with and go for light fabrics.

Women: Dresses are great, especially if they’re breezy, flowy and light. (Suggestion: Maybe a maxi-dress?)

Men: We suggest solid-colored pants or shorts and a button-down. Leave a few buttons open and roll up those sleeves, guys.

Photo by Pacific Dream Photography

Flowy dresses in bright colors for women and khaki pants and light fabrics for men


You want to coordinate with your family members, but you don’t want to be matchy-matchy.

Have everyone wear neutral bottoms and play around with the tops, for example. You could also pick a couple different colors or do different hues of one single color.

Mom and Daughter wearing colors playing off of each other's dress.

Mom and Daughter wearing colors playing off of each other’s dress.


You have to think of what will look best with the background, which is the blues from the sky and water and the sand (during most of the day). For sunset, keep in mind the sky will have orange/red tones.

Picture what color palette will make more sense for your family. Some sweet, loving families and those with small children can opt for pastels. Are you really wanting to capture your fun Hawaiian vacation? Think tropical, bright colors!  For an effortless, cool, relaxed look… white.

It’s up to you, but it is usually a good idea to stay away from black and darker hues. Solid colors usually work best. If you are going to go with Aloha Shirts, maybe coordinate with everyone so they are the same or very similar prints. Another idea is to have the guys in Hawaiian print shirts of a single color and the women in attire of solid colors that match the men.

Mom stands out in a bright, solid magenta dress while the guys wear shades of blue. (Hawaii Family Photo Shoot)

Mom stands out in a bright, solid magenta dress while the guys wear shades of blue.


What are the most comfortable pair of shoes you own? Wear those. Once you’re at the location, you can go barefoot if the area isn’t rocky. Also, you might want to get your feet wet!

We recommend nice, delicate sandals for women.

Hawaii Family Photo Shoot. Pacific Dream Photography.

Go barefoot and give it a fresh, relaxed, vibe.


Keep accessories to a minimum. If you’re newly engaged, the only accessory you should be rocking is… your new rock!

If you want to bring sunglasses, do it. Shades are a great prop for some images. Hats aren’t recommended, as they will create shadows on your face.

Leis are encouraged. Not for the whole photo shoot, but they are definitely fun and a staple of the Hawaiian culture.

Another awesome Hawaiian touch for women? Flowers in your hair!

Pacific Dream Photography

The Hibiscus, Hawaii’s State Flower is a great hair accessory, isn’t it?

Definite Don’ts

  1. No clothing with logos or text
  2. No busy prints
  3. No running shoes

Whatever you go with, make sure it represents you. If you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, it will come across in the images. Happy styling!